Our staff has been carefully chosen to meet the diverse needs of the tri-county area. Heather B. Vallier, PhD and her staff are very familiar with the crops, climate, and soil conditions common to the area, and have a wealth of information on the plant pest conditions that occur here.


Heather B. Vallier, Ph.D

Senior Plant Pathologist, Nematologist, Virologist, & Plant Health Diagnostician

Phone: (805)927-7707

Our primary diagnostician, Heather B. Vallier, PhD. holds a bachelor of science in plant pathology and biology, a master of science in plant pathology and molecular biology, and a doctorate in biological sciences with an emphasis in molecular plant pathology. In addition Dr. Vallier has more than 25 years experience in the field, 20 of which were as a plant pathologist on the south coast of California.


Alicia Trinadad