The Crop Doctor Laboratory is a full service plant diagnostic laboratory and consulting firm.



Our commitment is to provide accurate, complete, and timely information, and assistance in the area of plant health.

The laboratory performs both an informational service through its diagnostic capabilities, and an educational feature, through its one-on-one consulting service, and detailed diagnostic reports. We are fully equipped to handle all aspects of plant pest identification. Biological control and least toxic methods are recommended whenever possible.

Our staff has been carefully chosen to meet the diverse needs of the tri-county area. Our primary diagnostician, Heather B. Vallier, PhD. holds a bachelor of science in plant pathology and biology, a master of science in plant pathology and molecular biology, and a doctorate in biological sciences with an emphasis in molecular plant pathology. In addition Dr. Vallier has more than 25 years experience in the field, 20 of which were as a plant pathologist on the south coast of California. She and her staff are very familiar with the crops, climate, and soil conditions common to the area, and have a wealth of information on the plant pest conditiozCrop Doc Montagens that occur here.

You require expedient processing, on-site result interpretation, and personal attention. You deserve it, and we provide it, every time. We offer express processing, and will phone, fax, or e-mail results and reports. We have a commitment to excellence, and a clear understanding that in this business, sometimes ‚Äútime is money,” and you cannot afford to wait. Give our staff a call, and get the level of service you have been looking for.

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